Frequently Asked Questions on Getting a Virtual Assistant

  1. How do I get matched to a Virtual Assistant?

    TPI has an established team in the areas of social media management, admin, customer service, bookkeeping, and drafting and design. If you choose to engage TPI in any of the said areas, TPI will assign an existing team member to your business.

    For any new work, TPI is able to source the right candidate for you because of our expertise in recruitment and the Philippine labour market. We’ll run a campaign for you based on your needs, shortlist candidates for you to interview, and select the most suitable person for your business.

  2. What is included in my plan and how do plans work?

    For our packaged plans, we have several service inclusions to choose from. We’ll work with you so you can tailor your service inclusions based on the expected hours of work and your budget.

  3. How do I sign up?

    Simply reach out to us through phone/email so we can find out if you’d like to avail of our plans or if you’d like to have a package tailor-made for you. When you’re satisfied, we’ll send you the forms to authorise and sort out your VA’s first day!

  4. What happens after I sign up?

    We’ll facilitate your VA’s first day. We’ll also go through a few items such as how to successfully integrate your VA into your business, best communication practices, and such.

  5. How do I get in touch with my VA?

    All of our VA’s can be reached through common applications such as email, Whatsapp, and Skype. We also have access to collaboration platforms which we can set up for you if you prefer.

  6. How do I keep track of my hours?

    TPI provides timesheets to all our clients to show what the VA was doing at what time and for how long.

  7. How do I know what my assistant has done for me?

    After you sign your engagement, part of the process is we assist in identifying the output you require from your VA. This can then be verified through timesheets which are provided to you on a weekly/fortnightly basis.

  8. What happens if I don’t use all the hours included in my plan?

    All our plans are pre-paid and are based on the optimal work that our VA’s can do for your business. This is part of the process before sign up, where we assist you in identifying what type of work you need done in a given amount of time. Often our VA’s are engaged to do multiple roles; hence even during slow down periods, our VA’s remain hard at work for the other parts of your business.

  9. What happens if I go over my allotted hours?

    We monitor the hours that our VA’s spend for pre-paid clients. When we see that the allocated hours are nearly used up, we reach out to you to find out if you’d like the VA to proceed with the work or delay it to the following week. If you decide to let the VA proceed, then we simply charge you an hourly rate for the excess time worked.

  10. How easy is it to cancel or change my plan?

    Our engagements are very business-friendly. To cancel a plan, we simply need 2 weeks’ written notice from you so we can finalise any outstanding work and/or invoices. There are no exit or termination fees attached to cancel a plan. Changing a plan is similar – we simply need 2 weeks’ written notice so we can finalise and bill the period of the old plan and note the date when the new plan will commence.

  11. Is there a money-back guarantee?

    No, we don’t have any money-back guarantees because our rates are very competitive, and we do not have any lock-in contracts or high termination fees. As such, our engagements are low risk and very business-friendly.

  12. If I commit, am I locked in to any contracts?

    There are no lock-in contracts. We only ask for a 2 week written notice if you wish to cancel your plan/engagement.

  13. Is there a setup fee?

    There is a one-off $200 setup fee. This is to cover administrative and operational costs we incur as a business.

  14. Is my confidential information safe?

    We take the security and confidentiality of your information very seriously. We will not divulge any of your information to any third party without your expressed written consent. Our VA’s work based on the platforms you choose to share with them as well as with secure applications used here in Australia.

Should you wish for us to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, we will be happy to do so. Should you also wish to have a higher level of online security, TPI can refer you to a trusted partner who can assist with your security requirements.